6. A new hope

How do we restore the broken relationship that we have with our our creator God?

On our own, we have no hope or ability to repair this relationship. God however took the first step for us.

God, out of his pure love for us, made a path for us back to Him.

The first part of this plan, God himself became man in the person of Jesus Christ.
Then as Jesus, the God-Man incarnate, he received upon himself the penalty for our sins. He was crucified on the cross, and died.
And then he overcame death, rising again to life three days later.

So if God took the first step, what steps do you need to take?

First, you need to have a talk with God (prayer):
Tell God that you believe in Him, and in his son Jesus Christ, and that you believe that Jesus died, and has risen from the dead.
Confess to God that you know that you have sinned, and that you are sorry, and that it is your desire to sin no more.
Ask God to forgive you for your past sins, and for any future sins that you might make.
Submit yourself to Jesus Christ, telling him that you wish to be one of his followers (disciple), and that you accept Him as your Saviour and King.
Receive the gift of Jesus’s sacrifice on your behalf, as the payment and punishment required for your sins.

Once you have had this conversation with God, you can be assured that he has forgiven you. It does not matter how grievous your prior sins have been, the Bible states that he is “faithful to forgive”, and that “As distant as the east is from the west, that is how far he has removed our sins from us”.

Congratulations! You are now a Christian (which means a “follower of Christ”).
Your spirit which was destined to die, has now been born again, and will live eternally with God. You are a spiritual immortal!