A new life

Again congratulations!
If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have accepted the gift of forgiveness and life we described in last article.

Now what do you need to do?

As far as the topic of salvation goes, there is NOTHING more you need to do. If you were sincere in your confession to God, and your prayer to be saved from your sins, then you are saved from your sins FOREVER!

Does that mean that you can go back to the way you were living before? The short answer is no.
While you can never be “unsaved”, and can never commit a sin that would remove your salvation, if you are o.k. with going back to living the same way that you were before you said that prayer, it is likely that you were not sincere in your prayer, and God will know that. You may need to consider again your relationship with God, and whether or not you truly desire a relationship with Him. If you need to hear more, we encourage you to contact us, we will be glad to spend time with you answering your questions and helping you overcome your doubts.

If however, you find yourself with a desire to learn and to follow God’s plan for your life, then you can rest assured of your salvation. And now it is time to get on with your new life as a Christ follower!

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