2. Does God Exist?

This first question is the one that many people grapple with. Atheists spend an enormous amount of energy trying to prove the God does not exist. Christian apologists have written much about God.

We will try to keep this simple. All of creation proclaims the existence of a creator. Atheists like to point to science when they attempt to reason God out of existence. The funny part is that it is science itself that reveals Gods handiwork. The more that astronomers search, the bigger the universe get, and the fewer answers they have. The more that biologists research life, the more complex and wonderful it is revealed to be. The more that physicists probe into the world of particle physics, the smaller and stranger it becomes.

You might say that God is the elephant in the room. He is there, but many seems to ignore and deny HIS existence.

Why the desire to deny GOD? Perhaps because when faced with the possibility that God is real, it raises some very uncomfortable conclusions the those who deny are not prepared to face.

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