Grow6: Worship

Why should we worship?

We worship because God is worthy of our worship.
We worship because He desires our worship as an expression of our love.
We worship because we were made for it. It is in our very essence to worship. We worship many other things without realizing it. Sports stars, movie stars, musicians. We can’t seem to help it. But God desires that we worship only Him.
We worship because while in the act of worship, we feel and experience the presence of God more so than any other activity.

How often should we worship?
Sunday morning alone is not nearly enough. God wants our worship daily. Sing to him in your heart. Sing to him in the car, or while you are on a walk.
Make use of Christian radio to help you.

What do I sing to God?
God has provided to us a rich variety of music. It is the state of your heart and not the style of the music that pleases the Lord. My son listens to Christian music in a style that I find unpleasant to my ears. I am sure the Lord is still pleased as long as it is lifting whole hearted praise up to Him.

Worship is more than song.

[Composed by D. Webb, Minister of Music]