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When we built this site, we wanted more than just an online brochure about our church. This site is intended to be a guide.

Step 1: Discover

The Discover section is a series of short essays that introduce the concepts that build the foundation of our faith. The essays discuss our God Jehovah, our relationship with HIM, the problem of sin, and HIS plan to restore our relationship with HIM.

Step 2: Connect

The connect section endeavors to encourage you to get connected with fellow christian believers. You can’t go it alone! While we would very much like to have you join our body of believers, it is most important that you connect with group that will support and encourage you.

Step 3: Grow

The Grow section is where you can find resources to help you grow in knowledge, and in application of your faith.

Step 4: Serve

The Serve section is where you can seek opportunities to be of service in the christian community.