3. Who is God?

All of what we know about God, is revealed to us through His word given in the Bible.

While entire books and courses have been created on this subject, for the purpose of this page, we will stick to the highlights, given in this list form:

God is a spirit being, and yet has also manifest himself as a human being in the form of Jesus Christ. We refer to the God spirit being as “God the father”, and to Jesus as ” God the son”.

God the Father exists outside our limited concept of time. Often he is referred to as being “eternal”. He has no beginning or end because those are both concepts of time, to which he is not subject. Because of this nature he knows the past and the future because from his perspective they are all the same.

God the Son is also eternal and infinite. He existed before his human incarnation like the Father outside of time. In his human form he for a short time became finite, being born of the holy spirit as a man.

God the Father exists outside our concept of space. He is omnipresent, meaning that he is everywhere. In fact our perception of what is real only exists because of His will. He could withdraw his will and all we know would cease to exist.

In the book of Exodus, he tells us his name is “I Am that I am” which in Hebrew sounded out to Yahweh, also translated as “Jehovah”.

God makes it clear in his word that we are His creation, and that he desires a relationship with us.

What He is not:

The will of God is the very definition of good and right. Therefore God cannot do evil, as the very definition of evil is that which is opposed to God’s will, and he cannot oppose his own will. Therefore God cannot be evil. As an interesting side note, Satan is the classic and first example of evil because he opposes the will of God.

God is not a magic genie. Many modern preachers have cast him in this role, promising blessings and wealth as they persuade you to join in with their church-like enterprise.

So what kind of relationship do we have with God? Our relationship with God